The Peace Pledge Project in Assisi, Italy

What is this event all about?  

Thirst for Peace calls for Harmonious



Spiritual, Religious, Educational, and Business Leaders come together coordinating our efforts for harmonious leadership including Earth Mindful values and highlighting the universality of the message of love and peace so associated with this holy city of Assisi in Italy, Europe.

Why Assisi?

Assisi, the sacred City of Peace and birthplace of St Francis. 

Who is St. Francis?


St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint for environment could be viewed as the original Earth Day advocate. Francis’ devotion to God was expressed through his love for all of God’s creation, Mother Earth. He cared for the poor and sick, he preached sermons to animals, and praised all creatures as brothers and sisters under God. St Francis had met with the Sultan on his journey to the Holy Land.  They respected each other.

St Francis could therefore be an example of becoming friends with other religious leaders from a different background. Saint Francis believed that all creatures should praise God and the people have a duty to protect and enjoy nature as both the stewards of God’s creation and as creatures ourselves. On November 29, 1979,  Pope John Paul III declared Saint Francis the Patron Saint of Ecology.



Pope John Paul II wrote on the occasion of the World Day of Peace, January 1, 1990, the saint of Assisi “offers Christians an example of genuine and deep respect for the integrity of creation …” He went on to make the point that: “As a friend of the poor who was loved by God’s creatures, Saint Francis invited all of creation – animals, plants, natural forces, even Brother Sun and Sister Moon – to give honor and praise to the Lord. The poor man of Assisi gives us striking witness that when we are at peace with God we are better able to devote ourselves to building up that peace with all creation which is inseparable from peace among all peoples.”

 What is the purpose of this event?


In the face of international conflicts, we will demonstrate to the world our mutual friendship, respect and common goal for a peaceful world nurtured by wisdom, compassion, unity in diversity, forgiveness and reconciliation.

 Ways to get involved?



There are several ways you can support the Peace Pledge Project as well as to help us advance awareness of the Peace Pledge.
1. Sign the Peace Pledge
2. Like the Peace Pledge Project Facebook Page
3. Sign up for the Peace Pledge Project quarterly newsletter. Coming soon.
4. Share the Peace Pledge with those you are associated with, companies, businesses, schools, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and institutions, religious and spiritual organizations, co-workers, family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. If we can all share the Peace Pledge with those within our reach we will grow awareness around the world.
5. Download and print out the Peace Pledge Document and share it far and wide.
6.. Have an idea for us, email us at

Join us in this beautiful Public Peace Event – Thirst for Peace on June 29 in Assisi


The days program includes:

Peace Walk

Prayer Thirst for Peace at the grave of St. Francis

Active Peace Action – concluding dialogues

Evening Festival  including the Celebration for Forgiveness and Reconcilliation to promote Unity in Diversity

Register now to Join!

Please join us for this historic event! More than 100 spiritual leaders, business leaders, educational and environmental leaders will come together to emphasize the importance of universal loving-kindness and compassion for all beings. This global event will demonstrate to the world our mutual friendship, respect and common goal for a peaceful world nurtured by wisdom, compassion, unity in diversity, forgiveness and reconciliation.
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